Nobil SPA Salon – is a high class SPA, located in Chisinau City Center, offering the most exquisite and exclusive solutions for rest and relax. With a unique design, absolute functionality and warm atmosphere, it is thought to the smallest of details for your maximum comfort and relaxation.


Nobil SPA boasts three therapy rooms, a SPA Suite for two, a fabulous Aqua Lounge, a SPA Bar and offer a full range of SPA services. Our menu includes individually designed SPA rituals, exclusive massages and various skin and body care procedures for men and women and also a small menu for children – Petit SPA.

A distinctive characteristic of our SPA are our highly qualified and experimented specialists, who posses the expertise for various massage and SPA techniques for the body and face. The secret of our team is that we all do our work with great pleasure and we are happy to offer a 5-star service every day.

In the very comfortable changing rooms of Nobil SPA there is everything that a guest might need. The changing rooms are divided into one for men and one for women. Each changing room has:
- Shower cabin;
- Bathroom;
- Lockers with keys;
- Hair dryer;
- Mirror;
- Towels, different size robes, bath sets and slippers;
- Makeup removing cosmetics for women, deodorant;
- Disposables: body lotion, shampoo, shower gel, combs, disposable razors, shower caps, show shine sponges, cotton buds and discs.


SPA – this abbreviation stands for Sanitas Per Aqua – which means health through water. Water is at the primary base of the human body and also at that of the entire life on the Planet.
In our Aqua Lounge we have gathered the most popular types of bath and water procedures.
The saunas were created with an original design with the use of natural materials and latest technology.

The relax area in the Aqua Lounge is equipped with heated lounge beds and the walls are tapered with Himalayan salt which gives the possibility to breath the cleanest air, rich in Natrium and Barium and to rehabilitate the body just by being in that area.
Fifteen forty-minuteAir temperatue stays in that area, by the effects and influence on the human health, are equal to a full two week vacation at the seaside or in the mountains.
This kind of therapy is beneficial in the cure of the most various ailments – chronic bronchitis, bronchitic asthma, skin defects. More so, the micro climate of the salt room eliminates allergy symptoms, strengthens the immunity system and improves the metabolism. Regular visits of a salt room are also recommended for the prophylaxis and cure of vegetative-vascular dystonia and neurosis, for the elimination of the chronic fatigue syndrome. Sessions improve the psychological and emotional states, relief stress and make sleep a lot better.

In our Aqua Lounge the following services are provided for our guests:

Air temperature – 80° – 100°C.
Humidity – 20%
Temperature of the seats – 25°-30°C


The glowing starry sky under the ceiling creates an impressive atmosphere in the SONARIUM Sauna of our Nobil SPA and the big onyx rock reminisces of the true power of nature.
The unique optical effect of the design is obtained due to the wave-like illuminated walls made of fragrant Canadian cedar. This wood materials heats approximately 4 times faster than others. At the same time, the shelves inside remain cool upon touch due to the heat repelling properties of the cedar.
In this sauna, for the comfort of the guests, there is also a button for automatic water supply to the rocks, which lets each guest regulate the humidity level to its own desire.
The oven can accommodate up to 100 kg of rocks, which provides high heat retention.


Air temperature – 40°-60°C
Humidity – 20-55%
Combines in itself the calming heat of the finnish sauna and the mild humidity of the steam sauna. The rock oven is equipped with a special bowl for essential oils. All of this creates an amazingly relaxing atmosphere and also has a very beneficial effect on the human organism and nervous system, and what is most important – has almost no contraindications! It is suited even for people with high blood pressure.


Air temperature – 40°-50°C
Humidity – 80-100%
Temperature of the seats – 30°-35°C
In order for you to experience all the exotics and exclusivity of the Turkish bath culture, we have created for you a truly exquisite hammam.  The arched ceiling, sprinkled with stars with soft light and the warm seats made of decorative mosaics – immerses s into the eastern atmosphere of the hammam. The latest technology provides permanent maintenance of the aroma and steam in the right concentration and temperature.
The steam room possesses a bowl that propels water, showers with cold water supply and buttons for steam supply – these are the so-called steam showers, that each of the seats in the hammam are equipped with.
Regular visits to the hammam cleanses the human body of residues and toxins, reliefs fatigue, effectively purifies the skin, saturates the body with moisture and is prophylactic for colds.
The conditions in the steam hammam let the guests stay for a quite long period and not feel any discomfort due to the high level of humidity and low temperature.


Air temperature – 30°-35°C
Hydro massage jets – 51 pieces
Air jets – 5 pieces
In the very heart of the Aqua Lounge of our SPA there is a spacious Jacuzzi that can accommodate up to 5 persons, with 4 seating and one standing seats.
The seats are equipped with anatomic headrests and are designed so that the person can sit in the maximum relaxed position. The hydro massage and air jets allow you to fully relax and feel for yourself the miraculous effect of the hydrotherapy at a professional level.
The aroma and chromo therapy functions are controlled with the help of a control panel located in the Jacuzzi.
The Jacuzzi is equipped with an ultra-modern water filtering system, a disinfecting system and 2 antibacterial filters.


Everyone knows the beneficial and health properties of cold. In particular when used in contrast, after a session in the sauna or the hammam.  Especially for You, in Nobil SPA, we produce snow all year round, that pleasantly cools the body and tones the skin and the vessels. The snow is produced out of clean water and air – with no chemical substances whatsoever.


They are an unique combination of water, light, sounds and aromas that evoke a full range of unforgettable sensations.
The shower cabins, equipped with special technologies, with 4 different programs that allow each guest to feel on their own the power of the Atlantic storm, a cold toning rain, to be immersed into a fog full of refreshing aromas or suddenly find themselves under the hail of the heavy drops of a tropical rain.
The combination of different temperatures and several water spraying modes give the opportunity to experience the most various sensations. The impression showers can induce a flow of energy and strength or on the contrary, pleasantly relax the body and offer you a feeling of freshness after a sauna or a powerful charge of energy at the very beginning of the day.

We kindly invite you to visit our Aqua Lounge from 10:00 till 21:00.