Whether the purpose of your visit to Chisinau is tourism, business or leisure - Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel Moldova is the best place for your accommodation in Moldova. Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel Moldova is a splendid five star Chisinau hotel, with 34 rooms, including Ambassador and Presidential Suites, the best dining in Chisinau - a gorgeous panoramic restaurant unique in Moldova , with amazing city views and a rooftop terrace, an English Cigars Club, a Conference Hall, an exclusive SPA Center, a Fitness Center, and a wonderful DESSANGE™ Beauty Salon .

Made of comfort, style and elegance, Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel Moldova is a masterpiece hotel in the heart of Chisinau. The interiors are inspired from the best traditions of classicism - a mandatory trait for an elite European boutique hotel. Crystal chandeliers, elegant marble floors, exclusive carpets and the unique design create a special and distinguished atmosphere.

All the furnishings are manufactured and signed by Francesco Molon, custom made for Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel Moldova. The hotel rooms' elegant design is seamlessly fitted with all the latest technologic infrastructure and equipment. Small but pleasant details such as a great morning coffee, the daily morning newspaper and the constant desire in meeting all our guests' wishes will make your stay an unforgettable one.

The unique location of Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel Moldova - in the very heart of the Republic of Moldova's capital, a couple of steps away from the famous Folk Art Square, close to the historical Piaţa Marii Adunări Naţionale (The Great National Assembly Square), walking distance from the city's largest shopping areas and in the epicenter of cultural and theatric life, places Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel at the top of the list of places to stay in Moldova.